Company Profile

Procomas srl, a company based in Ficarolo (Rovigo), was founded in April 1978 for the projection, construction, and sale of equipment for agriculture and gardening.

45 years ago, it was founded by Mr. Calza Ivo and two other Lombard entrepreneurs who were already involved in the maintenance of public and private greenery. These were the years of the great economic boom, and from 1980 to the early 2000s, competition was almost nonexistent, and companies developed rapidly. Procomas participated in the first Eima exhibition in 1978, so has started to deal with Italians and international manufacturers.

In 1983, an additional building of 1300 sqm was constructed, and in 1985, the affiliated company Intermac srl was created next to Procomas. It produce professional machines for gardening, such as sweepers, leaf blowers, and vacuums.

In the mid-1990s, the two minority partners were replaced by Mr. Calza's sons, and started their activities within the company. Andrea, an electro-technical technician, took charge of the technical and design sector, along with the current head of purchasing, Lara, a graduate accountant, took care of the administration alongside the accountant who had been in that role since the company's inception until June 2011.

Over the years, the company's entrepreneurial strategy has been to diversify production into different machine models, research the special and listen to the different requests of users to meet the most particular needs. Its strengths are undoubtedly versatility and the quality of craftsmanship.

"We consider ourselves great craftsmen and small entrepreneurs." The after-sales service is very attentive for the immediate availability of spare parts, which the company continues to keep in stock even after the discontinuation of some equipment.

This strategy ensured that the company did not suffer particularly from the crises of recent years, continuing on a positive trend.

The company is classified as a small business, currently employing 10 people with an average turnover of 950,000.00 euros per year. About 50% of production is destined for foreign markets. 8% of the production goes to Switzerland while for the European market, Germany, Austria, Poland, Great Britain, and Slovenia develop the remaining 42% of sales beyond the border. 

In 2008, Procomas celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation; for Procomas, this was a moment of particular attention directed towards all customers who care about this company and its products; on that occasion, choices were made for a renewal in terms of communication that found immediate confirmation in the restyling of the company brand

Procomas has always designed and built traditional and special machines for professional green maintenance, such as hydraulic arm brushcutters from 5 to 10 meters and brushcutters with telescopic arms up to 18 meters; brushcutters combined with vacuum units for collecting mowed grass; among the particular products, there are multiple-blade hedge trimmers for squaring hedges on highways, brushcutters with over-the-row function for road and highway embankments even in the presence of guardrails and barriers.

In recent years, Procomas has developed new series of brushcutters:

-         Suitable for working on both the right and left sides of the road

-         Front or rear without making manual modifications during the job change

These brushcutters can be applied to small tractors with a power of about 20 hp up to a maximum of 150, making grass mowing work more practical and productive, remaining within reach of all operators in the sector.

"We design and build such equipment for more than 40 years, and since then, we have not abandoned our sector of activity or excessively changed our production; we have focused on innovation and continuous improvement of our products."